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The day after its release, the YouTube page for the song had been viewed over 200,000 times, and over a million times by February 5, 2009. The Associated Press called it a "hypnotic dance track", and United Press International noted it was "catchy", characterizing it as a "YouTube sensation". Gil Kaufman of described the piece as "a techno-ripping, demonic dance party". Time magazine's website called the track "hilarious", and Nine News characterized it as a "raging online success". The director of Terminator Salvation McG liked the remix and put a copy of it on his iPod, and Bale said he had heard the remix and thought "they did a good job".

In July 2008, Christian Bale was filming a scene in New Mexico for the film Terminator Salvation with actress Bryce Dallas Howard. The film's director of photography, Shane Hurlbut, walked into Bale's line of sight, and the actor proceeded to yell obscenities at Hurlbut. Bale said he would quit the film if Hurlbut repeated the error and was not subsequently fired. Hurlbut responded calmly and apologized several times to Bale, and continued shooting for seven hours after the incident.

Prior to the release of Bale Out, Lucian Piane was known for a variety of satirical remixes, including tracks featuring Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, political commentator Bill O'Reilly during an on-camera outburst in the 1980s, and Andrew Meyer, who received national media attention when he was tasered by police during a speech given by U.S. Senator John Kerry at the University of Florida.

"Bale Out" had been viewed over 200,000 times one day after it was uploaded to YouTube, and within two days it had received 700,000 hits. Three days after its posting, "Bale Out" had been viewed over one million times on YouTube, and over 1.5 million times after one week. In a report on the remix for The Situation Room on CNN, correspondent Brooke Anderson noted "... by the looks of this musical parody already posted on YouTube, this infamous rant will be talked about – for a long time to come." Anderson Cooper of Anderson Cooper 360° described the RevoLucian remix as "the ballistic Bale boogie". A piece in Vue Weekly posed the question "what does it all mean in the end when a remixed diatribe by a Hollywood star will get way more hits in a day than any film-criticism site in a year?"

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